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1.  Drive Advocacy: Increase Political Advocacy

  • Goal 1: Contact and build relationships with appointed and elected officials
  • Goal 2: Develop and disseminate information for the purpose of political advocacy

2.  Empower People: Create a Vibrant Work Environment

  • Goal 1: Create a short-term plan to improve office and workspace
  • Goal 2: Develop succession plans for upper and middle management
  • Goal 3: Increase and provide professional development opportunities for paid and unpaid employees

3.  Program with Purpose: Develop Programming

  • Goal 1: Ensure adequate funding for programs
  • Goal 2: Review programs annually
  • Goal 3: Increase diversity of programming

4.  Strengthen our Structure: Enhance Board Governance

  • Goal 1: Develop a board transition plan

5.  Fund the Future: Increase Funding

  • Goal 1: Create and begin to implement a development plan

6.  Organize Outreach: Increase Community Outreach

  • Goal 1: Create and begin to implement a marketing /community outreach plan

NAMI Southern Arizona has been fortunate to receive grant funding from the Lovell Foundation beginning in 2013 to increase and strengthen our organizational capacity.  The 2-year grant that we received for 2015-2016 has provided funds to organize a Strategic Planning project.  A Steering Committee of Board and Staff members met in May and June this year to begin this process with our consultant, Erin Collier from Collier and Company.  Erin first conducted a number of interviews and focus groups with the Board, Staff, volunteers, donors and funders to identify areas of organizational strengths and challenges in order to narrow the focus of our plan.

The Steering Committee first worked to develop a new Mission Statement to more concisely describe what we do, a Vision Statement to describe what Southern Arizona would look like when we accomplish our mission and a list of our core organizational Values.

The following meetings of the Steering Committee were devoted to identifying six key areas of focus for our 3-year plan and the specific strategies, tasks, time frames and responsible individuals for each initiative.  The plan will be in process beginning this year and extending into 2018 and you can expect to hear progress reports as we move forward.  Here is the overview.

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