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The stigma of mental illness

Other treatments may be necessary in treating mental illness in combination with medications or without.  The following are common treatments used to treat mental disorders. Always consult your doctor or mental health provider/doctor to help determine what works best for you.

What to know about the stigma of mental illness

Stop the stigma of mental illness

Sign the pledge to be stigma free

Join the campaign to turn stigma into hope.Promote acceptance and actively challenge social stereotypes. Through powerful words and actions, we will shift the social and systemic barriers for those living with mental health conditions and encourage acceptance and understanding.

Individuals, companies, organizations and others can all take the pledge to learn more about mental illness, to see a person for who they are and take action on mental health issues. Take the pledge and raise awareness.


Resource Center to Address Discrimination and Stigma (Associated with Mental Illness) – provides practical assistance to individuals, States, and public and private organizations in the design, implementation, and operation of programs and initiatives to reduce discrimination and stigma.

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This Center works to focus attention on system reform to ensure access to culturally competent services and treatment for all Americans and to help and support families of color who are dealing with mental illness.

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(Support Technical Assistance Resource Center) – funded by CMHS, this center provides support, technical assistance, and resources to help improve and increase the capacity of consumer operated programs to meet the needs of persons living with mental illnesses from diverse communities.

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Anti-Stigma: Do You Know the Facts? SAMHSA Mental Health Information Center. 2003
Challenging Stereotypes: An Action Guide. SAMHSA. 2001
Mental Health: Culture, Race, and Ethnicity. A Report of the Surgeon General. 2001

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